I think we should all give back in whatever way we can, and that it’s even better when we can use our talents to make a difference in the lives of others. Towards those ends, Prinsen Photography donates 10% of its proceeds to organizations that are creating positive change around the world.

100camerasOne of the organizations Prinsen Photography supports is called 100 Cameras. 100 Cameras empowers marginalized children to document their lives through photography and to create positive change in their own communities. They take cameras (one of my favorite tools) into communities all around the world and teach kids to use them as a way of self-expression and, often, healing.

They also give 100% of the money from the childrens’ purchased prints back to their communities to support physical needs and empower sustainable growth within their community. Check out their web site and learn how your 10% is making a difference.

Visit 100cameras.org